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IBC 2021

Gallery Friday

Gallery Saturday

Note on the data protection guidelines of the event:



By submitting the registration, the club/starting community acknowledges the invitation to tender and declares that he/she and the registered athletes agree to the storage and publication of personal data relevant to the competition. With the registration, the consent to the publication of the competition data in registration results and leaderboards is also declared.


We would like to point out that photographers and, if necessary, film teams are on site at all events of the Basel swimming club. By entering the sports area, the athlete and visitor irrevocably agree to the free use of the image and sound material for photographs, live transmissions, broadcasts and/or recordings of image and/or sound, which are provided by the organizer or his agents in connection with the event are created, as well as their subsequent use in all current and future media (such as in particular in the form of sound and image carriers as well as digital distribution, e.g. via the Internet).


If a person does not agree with photos that have already been published, we ask that you inform us immediately by email to

Please give the exact description of the corresponding photo. In such a case, the photo will be removed and not published further.


In all other respects, the general information from the swimming club of both Basels on data protection when participating in competitive events applies. These can be found on the SVB homepage (

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