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Foreword by our President

Welcome to the 16th International Basel Cup – one of the largest long-course competitions in Switzerland. As the proud president of the Basel Swimming Club, it is an extraordinary pleasure for me to be able to welcome you all to this great event.

Basel, the vibrant swimming city on the Rhine, opens its doors to first-class athletes from all over the world. The International Basel Cup is not just a competition in which new records are set, but a competition that unites swimming enthusiasts from different nations, cultures and backgrounds.

The athletes are undoubtedly the stars of this event, and we want to spotlight their dedication and impressive skills. Their tireless work, determination and pursuit of excellence inspire us all, and the International Basel Cup is the stage on which we celebrate their achievements.

The Olympic motto “Friendship, respect and excellence” is also the central motto of this cup, and so we hope that the days of competition will be characterized not only by intense racing, but also by new friendships and lasting memories.< /p>

A big thank you goes out to all athletes, coaches, supporters and volunteers who help make the International Basel Cup an unforgettable event.

I wish all participants many personal best times, the spectators exciting moments and all of us an unforgettable time at the International Basel Cup!

With sporting regards

President of the Basel Swimming Club

Corinne Siegfried

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